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New script to download Real Player and Flash

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Hello everybody,


I was pleased to see that so many people read my thread on the installers for RealPlayer and flash.


I was so pleased in fact that | decided to do a newer version. I spent my afternoon doing this (considering I have no experience whatsoever in scripting or programing) and I hope it will help some people.


The only drawback of this script is that you have to run it with your terminal in full screen, i.e. you cannot see anything else on your screen. The script tells you this when you run it.


I hope it's useful.


Also, I could not test it since my Winmodem does not work under Linux, so if someone could test it (all programs inside would be nice) and give me feedback (just reply to this post) that would be great.


Info: Made on a MDK 10.1RC1 with gnome2.6 and gnome-terminal as the default terminal, script created with gedit.


---------September, 29th----------------


Ok, I fixed the bug that caused the dialog not to display in a normal terminal when called from your desktop manager. The file posted is the modified file.

Also, it should work whatever the user since I replaced the /home/chemist argument by the /home/$USER argument, so that files that the script creates can be created whatever the computer.


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