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Browser and performance help

Guest ynard

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I'm having few problems with my window system (or whatever the GUI part is called) and got several questions.


1st problem: I'm using Gnome and have difficulties setting the "default browser" to the GUI. I'd like every html document and link to open in firefox, but currently if I click html files in Nautilus window it opens them with Epiphany. And Kopete (IM-program) open inbox and other links into Konqueror! Setting the default browser from System -> Configuration -> GNOME -> Advanced -> Preferred Applications doesn't seem to have any effect...


2nd prob: My computer is a bit old one, a 466MHz Celeron, 312MB and a Intel i810 integrated GPU and soundcard. Gnome is VERY slow to use. I've been using Gnome 'cos I heard it's faster than KDE. I tried using IceVM went back to gnome 'cos that system seemed very limited even it faster to use. So I am asking for performance tips that could speed up the operations I usually do, like filemanaging w/ Nautilus, web browsing etc.. For instance, is it possible to turn off font smoothing? Should I change to KDE? Is there a faster/better filemanager than Nautilus? All tips are welcome!


3rd prob: I'm very used to use that Windows button that is between Ctrl and Alt keys. Is it possible to get the Gnome "Main Menu" pop up with that key, just like in windows? Pressing the key now doesn't do anything.


Thank u all in advance (especially to that guy who made the Samba configuration tutorial)!

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1) try setting it be going into gconf-editor (run it from a command line if you can't find it) and going into desktop->gnome->applications->browser and setting the "exec" value to mozilla-firefox or firefox (i can't remember which it is in mandrake). as for the mail reader and kopete, since kopete is a KDE app I'm not sure if the settings for GNOME will effect it. have you tried GAIM? it's the IM app for GNOME, much better than kopete IMHO.


2) if you want to keep a unified look and feel and don't want to go extra minimal (like, fluxbox and rox-filer) i would suggest trying xfce4. it's faster than GNOME but also uses GTK2 so it's perty ;) of course, this would require finding out how to set up your default apps in xfce4 which i don't currently remember how to do.


3) The answer to this one I believe depends on what version of GNOME you are using. 2.6? 2.4?

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Hi and thanks for fast replies.


Gnome version is 2.4.1. I'm mainly using applications that came with the Mandrake 10.0 distro, except Firefox and few other. Gaim wasn't installed but I'm installing it right now. Is this fluxbox easy to install/configure and will applications that I have installed while using Gnome work in it?


Hmm.. maybe I'll check on that fluxbox more carefully. That xfce4 you mentioned sounds too hard for me to get working properly. :P


I found and installed FileRunner to replace Nautilus, but it was terrible IMHO. Are there any other file management applications u could recommend?

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