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maintenance tools on mandrake 10.0


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the short answer is nope & nope.


due to file systems structures & the way Linux deals with them, there is no need for defragging, scan disking, & such. if you go into Mandrake Control Center->system->services, you can see if devfsd is checked to start on boot. that is sorta like a defrag. after 30 or so reboots, or an unclean shutdown, that will check mounted partion integrity on boot & clean up any neccessary orphaned bits & pieces of things. temp files aren't treated in a Windows like manner either. temp directories clean themselves up (so to speak) after a shutdown or reboot & don't store all that much crap to begin with. regular disk maintenance basically involves uninstalling apps you don't want/need/use &/or deleting files manually that are no longer needed/wanted (documents, photos, log files, etc.)


just use the OS & don't worry about house cleaning. it'll be fine.



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Could not have said it any better CHRIS Z.

You will notice that Linux always displays Files and Folders/Directories in correct Alphabetical order. In windows this does not happen properly even when you set it up to do this and add another folder or file later.


Linux :- Built from carefully crafted parts and engineered to work together then fine tuned :thumbs:

Windows :- Thrown together from anything they can lay their hands on (stolen and otherwise) and fiddled with until it seems to somehow work in a fashion. :wall:


Cheers. John.

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