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PHP Install on Mandrake

Guest faithfulman

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Guest faithfulman

Hi all,


I am wanting to know if it is possible to upgrade my version of PHP.


I am using Mandrake MNF 8.2 linux and I believe it has PHP version 4.1.2.


I need to upgrade something newer than 4.2




I cant find an RPM that says it's for 8.2? Does anyone know where I should look or is this a lost cause?


~~ Faithfulman

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I would upgrade to 5, as there isn't much different between 4.1 & 4.2 besides the global variables.


It would be better to just uninstall PHP4 & install a newer version manually.


Anyway, look into the cooker rpm packages.

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If you have the RPM of PHP installed, it's very easy tp upgrade.

To check:

rpm -q php

If it returns back the package. then...


Like I said, look at the "Cooker RPM Packages"



Say you have a i586 system:

rpm -U ftp://ftp.phys.ttu.edu/pub/mandrakelinux/devel/cooker/i586/media/main/php432-

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Guest Martijn

I also want to upgrade my PHP from 4.3.8 to 4.3.11 and looked on ftp.phys.ttu.edu.


I didn't find the 4.3.8 file but found php432-devel-4.3.11-1mdk.i586.rpm


Is it possible to install php 4.3.11 from this file or do i still need to make a php rpm via the procedure described on the cooker pages?

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Nothing built on Cooker has a hope in _hell_ of working on 8.2. The very first thing you want to do is stop using 8.2, as you seem to be running some kind of a server (why else would you need PHP?) and 8.2 stopped getting security updates quite a while ago, so it's a fairly large security problem if you're going to use it as a server. If you really, really must keep using it, your best option is just to build PHP 5 yourself from the tarballs, I think.

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