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Listening to Radio station on internet


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I am trying to listen to a radio station in Florida via their website. I click on the link to listen, mplayer comes on, but it freezes when it is caching or buffering. Doesn't go any higher then .02%. I left it for 2 hours, no change. Thanks for the help.

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it's possible & works.......most of the time. a few things to try/consider........


streaming media depends on a lot of factors.......your internet connection, the source's connection, server traffic, site traffic, format, media player being used, codecs, etc. any "hiccup" with any one of these things can cause streaming media to not work at all or be choppy. i use MPlayer for all online streaming music & video, but it doesn't always work due to any of the factors i listed above. that being the case, if i can't connect to certian stream, i'll blame the site &/or internet because MPlayer plays anything i can throw at it if it's a downloaded file & not a streaming source..


a few things you can check into.......... try several different broadcast sites, just to eliminate that it might be the particular site you're trying to connect to. if you can get audio from other sites, then don't worry. if it bombs on every site you try, then try associating another player with the media type you're trying to listen to. kaboodle, xmms, totem, & others will all play streaming audio. make sure you have neccessary plugins & codecs. you can do that by using Mandrake Control Center->software->install & typing codecs & plugin in the search. see what's available & install if needed.


and, one final comment on MPlayer specifically. i use the PLF versions of MPlayer & codecs. if you set up PLF & Contrib sources using EasyURPMI & get all things MPlayer & codecs related from PLF (& any dependencies they ask for), MPlayer should play any file type (audio & video) from the get go. you may have to change your audio/video preferrences in MPlayer, but not always.



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