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AGP 4x and 8x


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Anyone know how much difference in FPS I might see if I bought just a new MoBo that supported AGP 8x?


I have two AGP 8x video cards, a 440mx with 64mb ram and a 52xx with 256mb.


My current MoBo is an intel D850MV with 2.66ghz CPU 533mhz fsb and 1gb of 800mhz rdram.


I know my first problem is finding a mobo that supports rdram that has 8x agp.

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The improvment will come not only from the 8X but from other advancements that more modern motherboards have.


I was surprised at the motherboard-benchmarking article that was written by one of the guys who works at PCFormat here in my office - I never realised what a huge difference in speed a motherboard can have.


I switched from 4X - 8X last year (on the same board, swapped my old Geforce MX440 4X for a Geforce FX5700 8X). Obviously they are two very different cards, but when I first got the FX I ran it at 4X just to see if there would be a difference. And there was, but not a huge one.

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