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Admin/Moderator Guidelines

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1.1 The role of our administration is to ensure the enforcement of this policy and to make decisions for the board. Admin decisions, as a group, are final.

1.2 Prior to implementing a decision that effects the board as a whole, the admin will give the other Admins and Mods time to provide input. Suggested time is at least 24 hours. If the Admin feels the decision needs to be implemented immediately, then the Admin will do it immediately and will post the reasoning for doing so.

1.3 Admin handling a decision makes the decision. The admin handling a case of a user being banned, will gather input from other admins/mods and then decide.

1.4 In the event that an admin's impartiality is compromised, that admin may not make a decision. A majority of the remaining admins will make this determination.

1.5 An admin decision may be over-ruled by 2/3rds of the remaining admins not involved in the original decision.

1.6 If an Admin violates guidelines, the decision enacted by the Admin must be reversed immediately. The other Admins will determine whether guidelines have been violated. The offending Admin may then present a case to have the decision implemented again.



2.1 Primary responsibility of a moderator is to enforce the guidelines, make needed corrections based on guidelines, and send PM's to users. They also post their actions in a mod forum.

2.2 The administrators and moderators of this forum have the right to edit, move or remove any topic at any time should they see fit. Removed topics are placed in a another forum, pending review.

2.3 A member found violating the guidelines will receive and explanation and if necessary, a warning. If said member ignores the warning or does not accept the warning, the member's account may be suspended by an admin pending review.

2.4 Any issues with users are turned over to admins. If a PM is sent to a user and the user responds back in any fashion other than accepting the PM, the mod posts it and admins will handle it. The only response that a mod should make is to state that the case is being turned over to an admin. Mods can continue to offer opinions through the Mod Forum.

2.5 In the event of a dispute with a moderator that you feel is not being resolved fairly, please send a personal message (PM) to any of the forum admins. Personal messages may be shared with other moderators and administrators.

2.6 Moderators will offer opinions on actions being implemented by admins. Mods can also suggest changes and gather input from other mods.

2.7 Moderators can manage their own duties and Moderator Forum as a group. This includes adding/removing new mods. Admin's will be considered a mod at this point. Their opinion counts like any mod. So if there is a poll, an admin can vote. Admin's will implement the decision.

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