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Switching Distro's

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mmmm i discover munjoy linux (debian unstable) branch, takes 8 minutes to install 1CD


and its very cool smooth with supermount.


the only trouble i have is that the nvidia drivers works but not the glx extentions :( but its a great distro everybody shoulld try it :)

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Hello everyone,

I have been using and learning mandrake for quite some time now and I am now considering trying a different distrobution. Does anyone know a distrobution thats a little above a noob level but not hard to install and configure?




I am in the same situation and some people recomend me Fedora Project 2 or Suse 9.1 Pro, I choose Fedora for the new X server available and is a distro for programming and hacking.


Also the Bluecurve theme is very cool... :headbang:

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Slack is insanely easy to install...and in my case very easy to setup. That's not always the case, but can be, and slack is an excellent distro to 'learn linux'....cuz....well, that is, what it is. Slackware. B)

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bvc here, I'm on my wifes ML-10-OE.

I didn't because they wanted easy install and config. While debian is easy for me and maybe some n00bs that is not as likely as with these other distros. I do agree that software install/removal is by far easier on deb than any other distro. Installing deban on a debian only hd is also very easy. If you have other os's you may find partitioning a bit scary installing deb if your experience is limited.


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You want a new distro?


You want one that is going to teach you?


You want one that isnt impossible or hard?


Linux From Scratch



It is drop dead simple, i promise you, i swear to god.


And you will learn so much.


Linux From Scratch is the distro I tried after Mandrake. It fits what you want perfectly and will be a worthwhile experience.



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I started with linux from scratch only a few months after starting using linux, i hadnt ever compiled anything and I still didnt know how to extract a tar.gz or tar.bz2. I had only used a command line text editor on one or two occassions beforehand. I learnt so much. I learnt those things during it and so much more.

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