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Those are the 2 files that you need and they are both located on CD1..


This depends on the ML version you're running. libpng2 is not available on ML9.0 CD's. I've heard libpng2 and libpng3 can now run side by side, but this wasn't the case when libpng3 first came out. There was some conflicts between them calling each other, or rather the program that needed them had problems calling the correct versions. This was the reason I waited for 9.0 from 8.1 and didn't go 8.2.


urpmf searches sources, and here's 9.0

[bvc9@localhost bvc9]$ urpmf libpng.so.2

[bvc9@localhost bvc9]$ urpmf libpng.so.3




Because of this, I'm guessing you have 9.0, in which case you'll need to either urpmi them with some added sources


or, do as Mystified suggested. At rpmfind you can enter libpng.so.2 for your search query as well as the usual libpng2.

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Try to find the libpng2-1.0.9-1.1mdk.i586.rpm, download it, open it with MC and extract the lib and its link to /usr/lib. Don't run rpm!!!


This helps for lots of progs, which depend on libpng2 like e.g. the nice game reaper.


Good luck



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