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Call for new FAQs

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Here is your chance to help us out with new FAQs!


Here's what we're looking for right now:


Window Manager and Desktop Environments


This is going to be a new FAQ category that I will create as soon as I get enough submissions. Here are the requirements:


Must be a clear, concise HOWTO on your favorite WM/DE. Maybe it's not your favorite but it's something you want to try out. That's OK too. Walk us through as if we had never seen the WM/DE before. Tell us how to configure the desktop. How to change around the panel (if applicable), how to change the background, where to find the most common configuration settings, how to install themes and icons, anything a brand new user would need to know.


Another thing that would be very good to know and great to include is how to set it up to start your new WM/DE. Both cli (through ~/.xinitrc or similar) and through a DM (KDM, GDM, MdkKDM).


If you are interested in participating in this, please write up your FAQ and pm it to me. Also note that you would be interested in doing this in this thread. I would like to get as many WM/DE's covered as I can in this. From the Big ones (KDE, Gnome) to lesser known/used ones (Fluxbox, Blackbox, etc.) Multiple people doing the same one is OK, but if there's one that you've used that hasn't been "spoken" for, please try to do that one. Please note that you will get the credit for the FAQ if it is used in the FAQ Forum. If we combine multiple pm's into one FAQ, obviously the different authors will share the credit for the FAQ.


As for format: Please try to stick to a clear format, but also be aware that the FAQ Team will be making changes to the formatting if it is needed.


That's it! I look forward to reading your pm's and any comments you may have here in this thread. I'd like to start putting these up as soon as I can, so the more people that participate, the better.

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