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How often do we try something at home or at work that would be of interest to other members? We assume that we will just post a question if we have one.


If you are about to embark on a project that you think will be of interest to others, then the Workbench is the place for you! Other users may develop the project in tandom or as a group with you.


When done with the project, the poster should write a How-To so that others may enjoy the benefit of the poster's hard work :P


Typically, a Workbench project is started with a simple posting stating the goal of the project. This will be a short summary about what you are up too and what the hoped for results will be.


Please note that if you are the only member working on a project and have decided not to do it, simply delete the thread.


Moderators will keep an eye out for inactive threads and will attempt to contact the owner prior to deleting a thread.


Please direct any questions to a moderator or admin..


Thank You



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