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Mandrake 10 OE was stable until


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Thanks a lot :) it's work like a charm :).


mmm the file have been modified by nothing i can remember, i don't have any window, lindows, or other operating system only mdk 10 OE , might be a bad update :(,

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but what is modifying the file?


I'm fairly certain it's a bug in mcc. The night before I was fooling around trying to network a friend's laptop. I don't recall everything I did to get things running but I know I was in mcc fooling around with the network stuff and probably did something that wrote to modprobe.conf. I know for certain that I did not directly edit modprobe.conf in any way but I did wind up hand editing certain network config files.


I also remember that in either mdk10-CE or one of the mdk10 rcs, modprobe.conf would be spotaneously rewritten and delete the nvidia line from modprobe.conf and delete nvidia from the X config file, replacing it with the "nv" driver. Disabling harddrake on boot was the solution to that problem. If you do anything in mcc that writes to modprobe.conf, I'd check that file before rebooting to make sure your nvidia line was not deleted during the write.

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