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Undelete vfat


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I have a media partition, hdc9, that is a fat32 partition. Because I have an alias


alias media='cd /mnt/media'


and typed


rm -f media (was removing another folder called media)


It deleted all the files in my media partition.


I've spent the evening trying to find a way to restore these files. I need something that will start at the root and undelete everything. I haven't made any further changes to the partition by adding/deleting files.


I tried using winxp, figuring there is a tool I could use, but for some reason, it won't see the media partition (win2k could). This means it must be a linux solution.


I tried mundelete (sourceforge) but it didn't do anything I could detect and didn't explain why. I am downloading a Emergency Boot CD containing Norton Undelete. But I don't think it will find the media partition either. Hopefully I am wrong :(


Any ideas or anyone know how to get this back? :furious3::furious3::furious3::furious3::furious3:

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Oh, k, well, your thread title has vfat in it which implies partition. Sorry! You wanted me to read your post?


So anything work yet? Norton? I used that in win98 to undelete files and it worked great.


been airheaded the past couple of days becasue of a new chemical at work and a broken exhaust fan. They're killing me here :help:

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lol :) Take all your clothes off and then go to work and claim that you didn't realize it due to the broken fan and chemicals :)


I can't try Norton undelete on this partition because no win utility will locate it. Due to a weird partition table. Winxp sees it but won't mount it.. Just got a cpy of Partition Magic but whoever made an iso used Ez Creator and I can't read the iso image. Hasn't been my week at all, nope nope nope..

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