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Get rid of Helvetica


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Just found a quick solution for the look of some bad written websites when I open them in Konqueror.

Explanations: some webdesigner are using a stupid order of fonts to display: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif

Browsers like Opera and Konqueror are very clear about that: if there is 1. no Verdana (MS) or 2.no Arial (MS), look for 3.: Helvetica - and bingo! It's there in a standard MDK installation. For my taste Helvetica looks like crap. I want: Sans, or Luxi Sans or Vera sans. And I don't want to install ms fonts, because I am too lazy.

Solution: disable Helvetica in Mandrake. I only know the KDE 3.2 way at the moment, KDE control centre, system, fonts install (or however this is worded in your locale), dir: 75dpi, highlight all 104 Helvetica fonts, right click: disable.

There they go.

For Opera you can just insert a small line in the opera.ini and disable core x fonts.

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