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problem with Unetbootin software

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I used the Unetbootin software from


I have several Linux partitions on the hard drive and use the GAG boot loader to boot them. When I use Unetbootin it tells me that I do not have p7zip, which is not true. It gives you the option of installing the iso file to the hard drive but it doesn't let you specify any specific partition (you can only specify "/").


The grub boot loader for my main Linux operating system did have an entry called "Unetbootin" but selecting it did nothing.


So, I want to install an iso file to a partition of the drive.

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I have it solved. I looked at the link at the bottom of the Unetbootin page which shows a page listing all its commands. From this I was able to determine the correct way of using the software:


./unetbootin-linux-585 installtype=HDD targetdrive=/dev/sda3

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