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I have just about reached the end of my tether with the people who have made such a mess of kmail by tying it up with Kwallet and Akonadi and whatever else. It used to be a relatively simple and reliable application but now no longer.

Before Kwallet and Akonadi one was offered the ablility to have kmail store the password within kmail, a choice which suited me so I used it. I do not want anything to do with Kwallet or Akonadi because they not do anything for me that I need. All the arguments about making things more secure etc., do not wash with me. So I don't install Kwallet and I have to have Akonadi whether I want it or not, now what I find is that I am prevented from having the password saved in Kmail. Everytime, not just when I open Kmail, yes everytime I check email now I have to type in the password. Yet for sending emails, Kmail stores the password to enter the internet.

With the Kwallet nonsence one needs a brutish password to get into it and you still need your separate Kmail password.

I live alone and NO ONE gets to operate my computer and on top of that I DO NOT ever keep any personal data on the computer. So if anyone who illegally happened to be in a situation to access my computer they would find nothing of interest at all.


What really tipped me over the edge was another change that caused a disaster to me. Emails used to be kept in .kde4 (/home) so I always copied that hidden folder to another hard drive plus a USB stick whenever I reinstalled Mageia2 and/or also cleared the home partition for any reason. In this particular situation though I planned to clear the john account and then reopen it afresh (not reformatted) because I was having funny little things happening but not serious just annoying. I setup the account afresh and that appeared to eliminate them so now was the time to copy back the Kmail folder in the saved .kde4. Opened kmail itself and found no emails showing there so I go back to the .kde mail and find to my horror that there were no emails in it at all. I had lost all emails from right back to 2007. Nothing,na-da,zilch,zero all gone.


I have only now found out that the emails are now saved in .local instead. Some bright spark decided to change things without telling anyone. Sure lots of Techs probably knew but not us dumb nontech users.


I immediately got into semi-panic mode but remembered that photorec worked for me once before with a difficult photo memory card. I installed it and logged into root (Yes I am setup so I can. Anyone who wants to criticize this please don't waste your time, remember it is my computer) and set it to work. I am only 1/3 way through sorting through the stuff recovered by photorec and have found quite a lot of email files with missing parts and quite a number of complete files so I have made encouraging progress thus far.


Anyone got a suggestion as to how I can save the password into kmail without this wallet thing. Sorry for the rant.


Cheers. John.

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Well I worked on recovering my emails and although it took me hours (days) to sift through all of the reclaimed data I was able to find at least about 30 of the most recent received and about 20 or so of my sent. Most importantly

they were my most important recent ones. There were about 80 partial ones and fortunately I could get the most important details out of them.

The whole exercise caused a lot of heartache for the duration though I can rest a lot easier now thank goodness. Over in Mageia Forum I notice that a lot of people have had various troubles and discontent regarding akonadi so it seems that I am not the only one by a long shot.


Again, has anyone got a suggestion on how to have Kmail store the password the same as it did in the past without the darned Kwallet and akonadi.


Cheers. John.

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Sorry John, i can't help you out.


Ever since my first Linux-days i used KMail, until some years ago, when problems started.

Also spend many hours, getting everything to work.

In the end i converted everything to Thunderbird, which is now the standard mail-client in the house.


All the best ;)


BTW: found this link, hope it gives you some hints:


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