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Getting strange error at startup[SOLVED]


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Hello. I once changed the name of the host from localhost to another thing. After that I started getting this error at the startup screen (you know the one that appears when you press scape when the system is boting):



msec: enabling msec security policy traceback


Failed to listen on localhost: failed to look up 'localhost' name or service not known /bon/bash/ line 1 2437 aborted


Any ideas? This is not affecting anything I can see. But I still feel uneasy to see those red failed mesages at startup.

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Make sure your /etc/hosts has your hostname in it and also shows localhost as well - you need this. myhostname localhost


something like this. Of course, myhostname being the name of your machine.

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Yes, please change to: myhost localhost localhost.localdomain


.localdomain should not be added to your hostname.


Allright, I changed it. Thank, thank you you very much. You're awesome =)

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