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No log out options [solved]

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When I right click on my desktop and choose "Leave", I no longer have any options, but it just automatically logs me out. I installed kshutdown, which works, but it didn't give me any options when right clicking on the desktop (my usual method for turning off the computer). In "configure your desktop", "session manager", I have "offer shutdown options" checked, but, as I mentioned, I have no options. Shutting down the computer correctly isn't a problem, but why am I no longer given the options when shutting down my normal way?


I'm not sure if I inadvertently removed a dependent program while installing and uninstalling some programs, or while making some changes in my desktop appearance, both of which I have done recently.




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Keith, do you login through a desktop manager (kdm or gdm) or through command line? The comman line option normally only allows a logout, unless you use the console to shut down. Do your choices still show up at the kde menu button? When I play around and break my desktop (we all do it) I just rename the .kde folder to .kdeold and allow kde to setup a new desktop. If it can't, then a force reinstall of certain packages is on order.

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I log in thru kdm. Yes, with the menu button, when I push "Leave", I still have all the possible options for logging out. And as you mentioned, if I can't get this fixed, I may rename .kde. :)

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