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installing graphics card for someone using onboard

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I've been using on-board graphics with VESA. I then plugged my nvidia card into the motherboard. I left the monitor connected to the on-board and switched on the PC. It could not reach the login screen. Plugging the monitor into the card, I switched the on-board off in BIOS and I still could not reach the login screen.


When I took the card out and tried to install the nvidia software in runlevel 3, it said no card detected and would not continue. It said something about kernel sources. I have kernel-sources, gcc and make installed in Mandriva 2007.


Later, I plugged the monitor into the card and when it reached the grub loader, I entered run level one. Then I typed 'login' and logged in. Then I entered root mode, and typed 'mcc' (which was the same as 'drakconf') to enter the Mandriva Control Center in text mode and selected the vesa driver. I left root mode but I couldn't reach the gui by typing 'startx'.


'rpm -q kernel kernel-source' gives:

package kernel is not installed

package kernel-source is not installed


yet in the Mandriva Control Center they are installed.

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