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No "Create File" in Dolphin's context menu


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when I right click on dolphin the context menu that appears contains no "create file" and its submenu although I can create files from konqueror, opera and on desktop and I can save files anywhere I want on my HDD.


I googled a little bit and I found there was a bug report in Mandriva 2011 rc1 and I am using the final version.


how can I solve this problem?


I posted first in Linuxquestions.org : http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=4475507

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I think the problem / change is in the /usr/share/apps/dolphin/dolphinui.rc file... I do not have Mandriva installed to check this. I would suggest making a copy of your current dolphinui.rc file in a safe place. Then d/l and extract the attached dolphinui.tar.gz and replace your /usr/share/apps/dolphin/dolphinui.rc with it. Restart dolphin and see if it works, if not, replace it with the original you have.


Please let us know if that works for you.


Removed the file – it didn't solve the problem.

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Okay I've found where you can add services in dolphin. No need to download and install that application I listed above. Open dolphin, go to Settings--> Configure Dolphin--> Services. Here you can download various other services to add to dolphin.

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