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As mentioned in my other post, I am in Maine,USA, using a friends Loaned machine with Mageia-1.


On my machine back in Australia, I have no problem playing back the Videos which are taken on a JVC HM330 HD Video Camera. The Output format is .MTS but on this machine the Totem Movieplayer progress bar runs but only the first1 or 2 seconds of imagery progresses. Dragon Player does the same thing. VLC does it in slow motion type steps. MPlayer seems to be a little better again. Xsine seems to be correct speed but jittery with Horizontal break lines through the picture horizontally.

I am fairly certain that I have installed all possible appropriate packages. I have tried running the videos from the camera to the computer and also copy downloaded some of the videos to the hard drive but the problem exists in both situations.

I may have missed something essential so please suggest.

In Camera the videos seem to play back perfectly so I do not think the actual videos are the problem.


Cheers. John



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I would say it's down to some kind of codec problem. I have a JVC camera with a 20GB hdd drive in it, and mine also have the lines on when I play back in Linux. In Windows it's not a problem. When I make DVD's from the movies, they are even worse than when you watch them as standard mpeg files. I've also yet to figure out the solution, and it's not distro specific.


Sorry I can't help more than that John, I could do with fixing mine also, but so far I lived with it my using Windows because I never got to the bottom of the problem.

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