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Mandriva 2011 install failure

Guest Wombl

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I tried to install the new Mandriva 2011 on my Samsung NC20 Netbook. For this i boot the Live System.

after the boot menu the boot screen appears for some minutes. Then, at the point where normally the Desktop should start, a testscreen appears.

Its a number of Fullscreen Basic colors followed by a white to black fading picture. then it repeats again and again.


I cannot reach the console but it seems like the bootprocess continue to the end.

How can i solve this? do i need other xserver drivers (openchrome)? How i can use them before installation?



TecSpecs of the system:


12" Netbook


VIA Chrome HC9 Graphics

2gb RAM


I hope my english is understandable.

Thanks a lot


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Greetings! I have the usual questions for you. Did you burn with a good disk at a slower speed? Did you verify the integrity of the download?

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Hi, thx for the answer.


jes the dvd is working good in this drive and is verified. former i installed ubuntu 11.04 and later linux Mint with the same type of disk without any problems.


edit: I found this Site: http://www.linlap.com/wiki/samsung+nc20


Thy say to edit the xorg.conf. The resolution and the vesa driver is incorrect. Seems that i have to change this manually.

How i can get access to this before installation? Is there any startparameter to boot into commandline before starting X?




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At the boot menu, try vgalo or text install. I am troubled that the live media will not load; you may need to download the full iso. I do not think the document from 2009 is relevant in this case, as it is rather dated.

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You need to move past the install in order to utilize better drivers for your graphics. While a text install may be tedious, it will make a system where you can better configure a tricky graphics problem. I think X is the problem. If I had to install text mode, I would be sure to install the system first. Configure urpmi to have access on line from the community. Then I would install X. All of this can be done from the command line. If you like having a gui while at the command line, install mc (Midnight Commander). After getting X, then choose KDE or gnome (or whatever).

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