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Clock slow down, ntp can't deal (bug?)


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I've been fighting a slow clock for ages, it comes and goes, just figured out the issue indirectly.


A few nights ago I was imaging a machine at work (backups) and noticed I was getting frequent USB resets for no apparent reason...

(using a 2010.2 ONE USB with partclone added, should be default)


Long story short, I turned off the default screen saver, and all was fine.


Tried the same fix with my main system at home that has given me headaches with mythtv not recording properly due to the clock being WAY off.

Turning the default screen saver to "blank screen" the problem is automagically gone.


Is there a bug in the default screensaver that causes frequent IRQ interrupts?

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I have never used the default screensaver in Mandriva in 7 years and have never experienced a time problem so I would say it is almost certainly a bug in the default screen saver. It surprises me that this hasn't cropped up before unless others have had the problem and solved it simply as you did and just moved on, not worrying anymore. I use the OpenGL-screensaver "Euphoria"......Beautiful. :D

Of course you need the appropriate proprietary driver to be installed and this may not be suitable in your particular environment.


Cheers. John

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