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Confused system


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Last year I updated to 2010.1 Powerpack and all went well. Recently I noticed, on boot up, that my system says I have 2010.2!


I have checked and found that my installed programs are 2010.1 but ALL of my updates are coming through as 2010.2


How is this possible and why is it happening? Also would this cause instability and cause some applications to freeze or shut down unexpectedly?


Many thanks

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2010.2 and 2010.1 are the same. When mdv released updated 2010.1 iso's in December, they decided to call them 2010.2. (They've admitted that it would have been better to call them 2010.1.1 or some such, since there never was a real 2010.2 release.)


All updates to 2010.1 are now labelled 2010.2.



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