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2010.2 - Can't Mount Samba Share


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Last night I installed Mandriva 2010.2 on the recently purchased ebay laptop, and using MCC I kept running into being unable to mount my samba share from my main server in the house. I kept using the wizard, but it kept failing. It wants to use CIFS to mount (my older system used smbfs), and after an hour of investigation, I realized that mount-cifs was not installed (even though I was using the wizard). Using urpmi (or MCC) I installed mount-cifs and everything worked as expected.


Note: I have more success specifying a username on the host, password for that user, and in the extra options setting uid=500,gid=500 (or whatever that user's number is on the host), but I am just putting that out there if you are still having an issue.


Hope this helps if anyone is having an issue...

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Guest João

Helped a lot. In a Mandriva 2006 server the smbmount was used. Didn't find it on Mandriva 2010.2 and after an hour find the solution here.

I'm using this line in my script (i put the user in sudoers to allow the use of the mount):


sudo mount -t cifs -o guest,uid=client_user,gid=users // /path_to/mount

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