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Multiple Soundcards in Mandrake

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Hi again :)


I have currently 2 soundcards (SB Live is normal 4-speaker card and the Terratec has stereo out + 8 in & 8 out breakout box) and the integrated 5.1 chip enabled. I have problems configuring KDE to use the SB Live card. If I put /dev/dspx where x is ANY number, I get error hardware not found or something similiar. I get sound output only if I leave everything to default values and then it's the integrated chip that outputs the sounds.


Mandrake loads drivers for every card and there is /dev/dsp0 to dsp2 present. Actually I can use the mixer to control ALL of the cards properly but there's no sound output other than the background hiss :D Any suggestions what to do to be able to choose what card to use for sound output?

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