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Advisories MDVSA-2011:006: subversion


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Multiple vulnerabilities has been found and corrected in subversion:


The walk function in repos.c in the mod_dav_svn module for the Apache

HTTP Server, as distributed in Apache Subversion before 1.6.15,

allows remote authenticated users to cause a denial of service (NULL

pointer dereference and daemon crash) via vectors that trigger the

walking of SVNParentPath collections (CVE-2010-4539).


Multiple memory leaks in rev_hunt.c in Apache Subversion before 1.6.15

allow remote authenticated users to cause a denial of service (memory

consumption and daemon crash) via the -g option to the blame command



Packages for 2009.0 are provided as of the Extended Maintenance

Program. Please visit this link to learn more:



The updated packages have been upgraded to the latest versions (1.5.9,

1.6.15) which is not affected by these issues and in turn contains

many bugfixes as well.

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