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Multi-system network shutdown script

Guest Futureboy00

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Guest Futureboy00

I have some knowledge of scripting, not advanced scripting but simple tasks for making my Linux life easier. Something I want to do is to do some kind of network shutdown of multiple systems and I don't want to ssh into each system manually do do this. All I want to do is double click on an icon on the desktop of one system, put in my username and password (root password, whatever) and it will tell the selected systems to shutdown. Perhaps even put a dialog box on the screen saying system shutdown in X minutes or whatever. This is for a community center that has a number of computers that I maintain, with Mandriva Linux 2010.1. These are computers that are used for nothing more but browsing the web and doing some office applications on the occasion.


I want to do this for my convenience and just because I think it would be cool to do so.


Here is one thought I had based on some Google searches:



But I don't see a pre-built Mandriva package out there.


Any help or advise would be great on this.





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