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Mageia Mailing-Lists Forum Gateway


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Since I'm not a fan of mailing lists and while gmane is a good option to follow the Mageia mailing-lists through a news reader, but not through the browser (their web interface is very primitve), I have set up an experimental ML forum gateway for the Mageia mailing lists.


I have used the FUDforum BB software, that i mentioned in some other thread here a while ago, and I must say it works great. Of course FUDforum is no comparison to IPB, but it serves this particular purpose very well.


The ML forum gateway is located here:



FUDforum automatically creates a forum user for every person/email address posting on the MLs, so anyone who has posted on the MLs since I started the ML forum gateway will already have an account on the forum, all you need to do is click on Login > Forgot Password to get a password emailed to you.


To post to the MLs via the forum you will need to be a forum member AND a subscriber of the ML you are posting to (I can't help that, that's the way the MLs are set up and the Mageia guys were unwilling to change that), but of course you can read all posts and threads without being a ML subscriber or even a forum member.


See instructions here:



I will keep this Mageia ML forum gateway running until the Mageia guys implement a comparable functionality on the official forum, as they said they will do.


In the meantime feel free to use my ML forum gateway, if you like! :)

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I've been on the Mageia ML since 9-19-10 and I read your comments when you announced this setup. However you said “please be gentle... :) this forum is running on a relatively low power rented virtual serverâ€, so that's why I never posted it here.


Thanks for all the work you've put into this bidirectional gateway ML forum test, it works very well. :thumbs:

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Well, it turns out that FUDforum is actually quite light and the virtual server provider (Linode) is quite good, their servers don't seem to be hopelessly overloaded like some of the cheaper VPS competition, so don't worry about it, use it as much as you like! :)


In case you notice any problems, please let me know, thanks.

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