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Missing icons from Dolphin's context menu


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Would you please help me with thi small, yet annoying problem?


I installed Koffice from MCC under Mandriva 2010. After that I right click in Dolphin and go to the Create new submenu. It the shows me a list of documents I can create, including those for OpenOffice, HTML, and plain text. However, I see some spreadsheet, presentation and text documents that 1. have no icon, and 2. have no extension (when I click on them a compressed file apperas, but it has no extension).


Has somebody else experienced this problem?

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At one time I was missing some KDE icons in Dolphin and maybe also in some other KDE programs, not sure why. The problem has since been solved. It's been about 1/2 year since I had that problem, so I don't recall all the details. I think the icons appeared after I loaded package 'task-kde4'.

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