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reading a data file with MATLAB

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Hi everyone,


please can anyone help me with this,


I need to read a matix which is stored in data file,

here is how I generate the matrix from FORTRAN

do i=1:500

do j=1:500

write(*,*) X(i,j)

end do

end do

the problem I do not how to read the matrix from the data file using MATLAB,

i want to know how to read the data file and then stored in a matrix,


below what I did to read the element form the data file; then stored in X(i,j)


fid = fopen('fort.dat', 'r');

for i=1:500

for j=1:500

X(i,j) = fscanf(fid, '%g );



here is the error message after run these lines..

[Fatal Error] :-1:-1: Premature end of file.

??? Error: File: PlotContour.m Line: 12 Column: 30

A MATLAB string constant is not terminated properly.

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Looks to me like your string isn't terminated properly (as the error message says): the line

X(i,j) = fscanf(fid, '%g );

should probably be

X(i,j) = fscanf(fid, '%g');


I've used Octave to read in matrices with three columns, and they can be done in one command:

data = fscanf(fid, '%f %f %f', [3 inf])';

maybe there's a neater way to read in a 500x500 array, I'm not sure.


PS/ Sorry for the delay in replying!

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