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Killing apps still in memory


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I seem to have a problem with several programs & services not shutting down when I exit them. I notice that they are still being listed in Ksysguard when I run it. I have to manually kill them each time.


In Ksysguard, the CPU activity level shoots up to 100 percent when I open it via SU. I notice Pulseaudio (root entry) is running at 91% and maxing out the processor. First, I have no idea why Pulseaudio would suddenly start in ROOT mode and takeover the CPU. Second, even if it does start, it should not take up that amount.


When I close 'thunderbird' via the GUI (after using it), Ksysguard shows it is still running (just like Firefox), and after killing it from Ksysguard, it pops up with 2 new thunderbird processes (thunderbird-bin for one) which is called from another program relating from tbird. I have to manually kill those as well before I can exit with a clean system.


The following programs are some of the ones which give me a problem:



  • Firefox 3.6.x
  • Pulseaudio
  • Kmozhelper
  • Filezilla


In addition to those, there are various 'helper' programs (e.g. gconf-helper) that are pointless to have running. There are numerous system apps that I can do without as well (e.g. gvs-fuse-demo, gconfd-2, khelper, etc).


I would first, like to find out why programs like Firefox, etc. insist on remaining in memory which when I come back to re-open them, pop up a window telling me 'Firefox is already running, blah xxxxxxxxx'. I dont know if this situation (firefox or others) are a bug issue, so I thought I would ask here and see if anyone is having this problem.




Second, I would like to find a program or method (CLI editing is fine) to handle to startup issues (rc.d, etc?). There used to be a program (pre Mandriva days) that would allow one to prevent these from starting up (along the lines of Drakservices), but I cannot find anything like it now.


Most of the entries I would like to dump are helper programs, those which seem to be duped, and KDE modules that I do not use/need (e.g. policy kit helpers, gvs blah, and others).



So....does anyone have any insight on these two problems/issues (hanging/hidden running apps & disabling unneeded processes)



Thank You







System: Mandriva 2010.1 Cooker 64 bit && Mandriva 2010 (official) 64 Bit

Window Manager: Compiz

Window Decoration: KDE4 Window Decorator

Drivers: OEM nVidia 256.xx Quadro

GPU: Quadro NVS 295

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You seem to have a system-wide bug related to applications not shutting down properly; I don't know why, though… As for the command you were looking for, I think it is “chkconfigâ€.



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The problems you are experiencing are certainly not normal expected behaviour.


That said I have no idea what could be causing them, I have never seen anything like that or read about it before.


All those services you mentioned (policykit, gconf, gvs-fuse, etc are unfortunately needed by KDE and/or gnome apps (firefox is a gtk/gnome app and uses gconf etc.) so I think it would be quite hard to get rid of them.


Pulse can be disabled and mostly uninstalled but even after that some apps need manual reconfiguring their default audio driver settings.


To disable/enable/list rc.d services there is the command chkconfig.

To start/stop rc.d services there is the command service.

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