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Removing Linux and LiLo


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Guest penguin7

LOL all u guys r good!


but my two cents; I would not desert linux-mdk now or ever,but as for the original


question, how would one uninstall linux, my reason; royally FU & lost /psswd. any


workaround on that.? oh newbie,newbie what were you thinking? duh! don,t know!

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1- This is the wrong forum for questions B)


2- IIRC you can change/replace password by pressing F1 during boot, then type passwd, do what is needed. I've never done this myself.


3- Remove Linux: On boot selection choose fb, if you can now login do: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdx

where hdx is whatever partition(s) Linux was installed onto. Use fdisk, then p to see what partitions you have. q to quit fdisk.


4- A floppy with tomsrtbt on it will work if you cant't do the above. It has fdisk and dd on it, and lots other stuff.


Caution: all the above is from memory, which is not good, so use caution :deal:

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