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anyRemote fails to open port


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When I try to run anyRemote in server mode, it says it cannot open the port.

I ran:

anyremote -s 19


Search configuration file /home/peter/.anyremote.cfg
ERROR: can't open 19
ERROR: open RFCOMM port
Connection closed or lost
INFO: Already closed ?
Error on closing port


Bluetooth however works fine as far as I've used it. KBluetooth lists the phone and I can send files to/from the phone.

I could not pair the devices using KBluetooth though. It said the phone does not support input service. But I was able to pair the devices using the phone.


My phone is Nokia N95.


[moved from Software by spinynorman]


EDIT: Never mind, it was just the command that was incorrect.

anyremote -s bluetooth:19

works perfectly

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