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  1. I have tried a Fedora 14 live cd and the situation is the same. UPDATE: gparted shows a warning for the drive, saying "Invalid argument during seek for read on /dev/dm-0".
  2. When plugging all drives into the SB600 controller (the third option) and removing the RAID array and making the same array again, except setting the size to 20000MB and booting into Linux, dmraid -a y now does nothing and says: ERROR: pdc: identifying /dev/sdc, magic_0: 0x16977d/0x169774, magic_1: 0x16977d/0x0, total_disks: 0 ERROR: adding /dev/sdc to RAID set "pdc_beiafge" ERROR: removing RAID set "pdc_beiafge" ERROR: pdc: identifying /dev/sda, magic_0: 0x169774/0x169774, magic_1: 0x169774/0x0, total_disks: 0 ERROR: adding /dev/sda to RAID set "pdc_beiafge" ERROR: removing RAID set "pdc_beiafge" ERROR: no RAID set found no raid sets If the array is big enough, it works, but it only has the capacity of 745GiB (as I mentioned before). The output of dmraid -a y is: RAID set "pdc_bcffjbc" was activated RAID set "pdc_bcffjbc" was not activated EDIT: I have managed to get Marvell RAID working too by setting a driver flag (called "marvel_enable", description: "Marvell SATA via AHCI (1 = enabled)") of "SB600 Non-Raid-5 SATA" SATA controller. I can see both the drives normally (like with SB600 explained in the first post) and I can use dmraid -a y to enable the RAID, with similar output: RAID set "pdc_bfafcfd" was activated RAID set "pdc_bfafcfd" was not activated And with the same problem as with the SB600: The RAID array only has the capacity of 745GiB. The array is obviously detected, but for some reason it has the wrong size (and number of cylinders). Is there a way to tell dmraid what the actual size is? Is it OK to change the topic's title to better explain the problem (it's not not detecting the array, it's its wrong size)?
  3. # sfdisk -d /dev/sda > table sfdisk: ERROR: sector 0 does not have an msdos signature /dev/sda: unrecognized partition table type No partitions found The drives are both unpartitioned. One of them had a partition and data before, but it got its MBR erased when I set it up for the RAID array. I didn't know it was possible to set up a RAID array with partitioned drives. EDIT: Note that I have managed to get RAID with Marvell 6121 working in Windows XP (not the AMD SB600, though, it causes a BSOD if it's in RAID mode), but I can't find any Marvell 6121 drivers for Linux. EDIT2: The "Browse and configure hardware" thing in drakconf does list a RAID Controller called "88SE6121 SATA II Controller", but the RAID array is not listed in "Hard Disk". There is a "Generic" "Mass Storage Device" listed under "USB Mass Storage Devices" that I don't know what it is, however. (EDIT: Probably my card reader.) The drive is not visible in the diskdrake either.
  4. I have tried running the installer of Mandriva 2010.2 with the 3rd setting (all drives in AMD), but the same thing happens. It says it detects a RAID array consisting of the correct two drives and asks me to activate it, if I do, I see the 745GiB drive called "mapper/pdc_bcffjbc". Why is this drive so small?
  5. My motherboard (Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe) has two SATA contollers: AMD SB 600 and Marvell 6121. I have Mandriva Linux installed on a 750GB drive and want to put two 1500GB drives into a RAID0 field. If I connect the latter two to the Marvell connectors (set to RAID in BIOS) and the former one into an AMD connector (set to IDE), set the Marvell RAID0 field up and boot from the 750GB drive, I cannot see any trace of the 1500G drives. "dmraid -a y" says that there are no RAID drives. If I connect the 1500GB ones into AMD connectors (set to RAID) and 750GB into Marvell (set to IDE), I can only boot from the newly created RAID field, therefore I cannot boot at all. If I connect all drives into AMD connectors (set to RAID) and set up a RAID0 field with the 1500GB discs, but leave the 750GB alone, I can see the 1500GB drives separate. "dmraid -a y" outputs: RAID set "pdc_bcffjbc" was activated RAID set "pdc_bcffjbc" was not activated And after I do that if I check diskdrake again, it now shows a mysterious unpartitioned 745GiB drive called "mapper/pdc_bcffjbc" instead of the two separate 1500GB drives that were displayed before. The 750GB (698GiB) drive is called "sdb". I'm sorry if this would fit into the hardware category better, but it's hard to say. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  6. If no one has any experience with kbd, maybe you could help me with xkb. I can change the mappings there and they work. Unfortunately, I cannot change the mapping for <> key and all my custom binding stick even after swapping the changed file with its backup, reloading xkb layout, restarting x, rebooting... even if I rename the file (I haven't tried deleting, since root has no trash can, but it should be the same)! I have modified /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/si.xmb. What should I modify?
  7. I have extracted slovene.map.gz (located in /usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwertz/) and got slovene.map out of it. I have edited slovene.map to my liking with KWrite and renamed it to just slo.map. I have compressed it with gzip. I have put this new slo.map.gz into /usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwertz/. The new layout was not available in the layout list of /usr/sbin/kbdconfig. I could not find a file that would tell kbdconfig which layouts are available, so I just edited slovene.map(.gz). When I used kbdconfig to change layout to Spanish I did not get any error messages (I was running kbdconfig through Konsole) and the active layout was indeed Spanish. I have changed the layout back to Slovene, hoping to see the changes I have made, and there were no error messages this time either and the active layout now was Slovene, but without my edits. What am I doing wrong? *To prevent TL;DR you may stop reading here* I have checked the gunzipped slovene.map in /usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwertz/ and it is as I have intended it. I have also edited slovene.uni.map(.gz) in the same manner. I have tried restarting the X server. kbdconfig says it's loading the correct file. I think the syntax inside slovene.map is correct (I have only done simple editing. The characters are supposed to be written correctly as I have copied them from somewhere else in the file. The file is called slovene.map (as it was before) and the archive is called slovene.map.gz (as it was before).
  8. When I try to run anyRemote in server mode, it says it cannot open the port. I ran: anyremote -s 19 Output: Search configuration file /home/peter/.anyremote.cfg ERROR: can't open 19 ERROR: open RFCOMM port Connection closed or lost INFO: Already closed ? Error on closing port Bluetooth however works fine as far as I've used it. KBluetooth lists the phone and I can send files to/from the phone. I could not pair the devices using KBluetooth though. It said the phone does not support input service. But I was able to pair the devices using the phone. My phone is Nokia N95. [moved from Software by spinynorman] EDIT: Never mind, it was just the command that was incorrect. anyremote -s bluetooth:19 works perfectly
  9. I fixed the problem by using supergrub and booting into my Mandriva installation and then reinstalling the grub bootloader from there. Thanks for your reply anyway and sorry for wasting time.
  10. Hello, I have recently reinstalled Windows XP and that bastard overran my grub bootloader as usual. I tried to reinstall grub from a live cd, but I get the following error: "Bad file or directory type" What I typed: grub> root (hd0,4) grub> setup(hd0) What I got: Checking if "/boot/grub/stage1" exists... no Checking if "/grub/stage1"exists... no Error 15: File not found find command does not find it either and I don't see any stage1 in /boot or /boot/grub with any file manager. /boot/grub only contains menu.lst.example or something like that. hd0,4 (sda5) is the / partition, but it is a logical partition. Could that be the problem? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  11. What do you mean what command? For sending sms? I added an sms contact in kopete, double-clicked him and tried to send him an sms. Could you help me a bit more about the supported Phone networks list?
  12. I need help with using smssend in kopete. I installed the smssend package, created an sms account, chose a provider, entered my phone number, but I didn't enter PhoneNetwork (what's should I type there?). When I send a sms, I get a dialog saying "Could not determine which argument which should contain the number."
  13. Hello everyone. How can I change the default kickoff button? It is kind of too big and I'd like to change it with the icon I have for the normal kmenu (kde logo). Thanks. [moved from Software by spinynorman - welcome aboard :)]
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