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Monitor stuck in 800x600 mode

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I don't have access to my friend's computer at the present time, however I tried nomodeset on my laptop, this is what I did; First I looked at the modes xrandr showed and noted there were 10 video modes including one at 640x480 59.4 Hz. I edited xorg.conf to remove all 640x480 modes, then rebooted and at the grub menu I pressed F3 and added nomodeset=1 to the end of the kernel boot line (later in a separate test I tried nomodeset without any =1). After rebooting I checked xrandr output again and the 640x480 59.4 Hz mode still appeared, obviously did not come from my xorg.conf.


Two of the modes in my laptop's xorg.conf are 768x576, one is 79 Hz, the other is 100 Hz. Neither of the 768x576 modes appear in xrandr output, seems that xrandr shows only modes that are near 60 Hz vertical refresh rate, maybe because my laptop's display works only at 60 Hz.


Apparently, with or without nomodeset, the ModeLine settings in xorg.conf do not affect which video modes are available.

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