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Mandriva 2010 book?

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Thank you, any idea if there is a paper book around?

Only if you buy the boxed Powerpack (not the "slim pack")




The manual is no longer sold separately, nor is a pdf version available, so far as I know.



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Seems like a wasted marketing opportunity. Shame.


When it starts off with "Welcome in Mandriva online documentation" and "Introducing to Mandriva Linux" then you can tell they could really do with involving their English-speaking community, and spending some effort with things like this.


Looking at the license, it seems that it should be possible to turn their HTML into a pdf or even into a real paper book, and even commercial distribution is permitted, but then they say you need permission to distribute paper copies for some reason... So there goes any incentive for the community to step in and do the conversion / translation / editing for them.


On the other hand, downloading those online docs and turning them into a local resource for grepping or printing should be fairly straightforward, and obviously within the licensing rules.

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