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High Availability Server - 2 node cluster

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Can anyone suggest a good setup of server + database clustering. The involve are HTTP and PostgreSql. Im planning to setup an active passive environment, though Google would display lots of results on the topic, but maybe some one here has a good advice on which solution to go.


here's the scenario:


2 centos server running httpd and postrgresql

database and apps content is mounted via iscsi at storage MSA2312i.


not a best practice though since apps like httpd runs along with postgres, but its already there and currently not yet separated.


Really appreciate if someone can point me to a good solution or advice.





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You can do it with just these two machines, although not ideal. Ideally I would have had four servers in this scenario. Two providing the active/standby cluster machines with the VIP address bound to them. The remaining two being the real servers, which have the httpd and postgresql on them. The first two servers would redirect and load balance between the two back-end (real) servers. If you only have these two servers, then you can run the high-availability daemon on both machines, but then you don't really have a cluster as such. All you are doing is just monitoring either server, and then bringing up the standby server if heartbeat fails on the primary one.


So, if you understand what I put, I can help further if I know if you have more than just these two servers or not.

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