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Install Mandriva 2010 fully encypted


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Hi all.


How can I, from scratch, install Mandriva 2010.0 with the root and home partition encrypted?


Either using LUKS or any other encryption method. I guess when I start up my box, it should ask me for a password before attempting to boot into Mandriva.


Please guide me through this. Thanks

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Boot up with Live CD

Create one partition using LUKS i.e. cryptsetup (this will be your root partition)

Create the filesystem using mkfs.ext4

Create another for boot and another for swap


Using the installer

Mount the encrypted hard drive (it will ask you for password)

Select / for encrypted

Select /boot for boot partition

It will automatically detect swap


Install and it will boot asking for password.


Tested with Mandriva 2010 Free 64bit. Very easy process once you know how.


Source: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Docs/SysAdmin/Security/EncryptedFilesystems

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