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Changes to bashrc file

Guest elr008

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Guest elr008

Basically, I modified my bashrc file without backing it up first, and, after I modified it, none of my commands like ls will do anything.


I added the following code to the startup file (~/.bashrc):



export PATH


I just typed in this code at the end of the file, saved it, and logged out and back in. When I logged back in, no commands like ls or man will work anymore.. Does anyone know a solution to this?



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You have reducedthe path (list of places BASH looks for the program you want to start) to the Java DK only. The default PATH is /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/games: (the ':' is used as separator). Mandriva sets defaults like this via a whole bunch of files. Following should in your .bashrc to get htis fixed (but I am not 100% that this actually covers the PATH variable):


if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then
       . /etc/bashrc


Other files that are relevant are /etc/bashrc obviously and /etc/profile

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This may be a solution (it will erase any line in your file with the “PATH†sentence in it):

/bin/sed -i /PATH/d ~/.bashrc


Or you may try and cure the problem instead, by adding the “normal†path after your own:

/bin/sed -ri 's#^PATH=(.*[^[:blank:]]):*[[:blank:]]*$#PATH=\1:$PATH#' ~/.bashrc



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