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Which software works best with WinTv HVR-850?

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I have a WinTV HVR-850 (usb TV receiver) connected and it was recognized by my computer. (BTW I am in North America in case that matters for TV viewing) I have briefly tried MythTV and TVtime but no success at first try, but I can probably get them both working later. In MythTV didn't get past database configuration, (I don't know why a database is needed to watch TV). Attached is the output from dmesg showing the HVR-850 was installed as /dev/video0 and /dev/vbi0, as well as activation of v4l2 driver.


Anyone have any suggestions for me? What software should I use to view TV programs and change channels?




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I got this receiver to work, but want to advise everyone that there is some required firmware missing from the Mandriva repository. Apparently this firmware is needed for any USB TV receiver which uses xc3028 tuner.


There are some bug reports about it, so I expect this issue will be fixed. I found the firmware, thanks to linuxtv.org.



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