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  1. I looking for some software that has a cover designer for DVD boxes and also some software that has a disc designer for printable DVD's Dont mind paying for the software if its good. any suggestions
  2. You could try changing the resolution of your monitor to something lower using the XFDrake command
  3. Yeah welcome to the world of Linux and open source, yep the best way is to keep playing around with it and installing things, I have learnt so many commands and options that can be done from a command line in one week just from installing a graphics card,
  4. Thanks for all your help finally working, had the wrong source installed had stripped installed also changed modprobe.preload sis-agp nvidia One thing I can say I have learnt alot more about linux now through this expierence. Thanks again
  5. Yeah well done mate, I been here for the last month, all though I have a few problems with my NVIDIA card, the only time I use windows now is at work.
  6. Sorry just re-read my original post I will try that option later
  7. why did you do this if it wasnt neccessary and what does it do?
  8. after installing all of the source files. I was able to install the drivers. telinit 5 edit /etc/X11/XF68config replace nv with nvidia restart back to square one goes straight to command and says Failed to initialize GLX extension (NVIDIA X driver not found when trying to load x. unable to find nvidia module I have editied the modprobe.preload file but still no joy Where would I find the nvidia module?
  9. This is what I have tried tonight Installed LE2005 again - fresh Installed kernel-source-stripped-2.6-2.6.11-6Mmdk SU - updatedb telinit 3 sh NVID-xxxxxxxxxx.bin Error: Unable to build the NVIDIA kernel module, stating to pull my hair out
  10. I will try it tonight, the error message that I am getting is: unable to load the nvidia kernel module. Now what is strange be for I updated mandriva from 10.1 to LE it worked fine, I have since reinstalled 10.1 fresh with no update and I cant get the drivers to work at all now. I might try an earlier nvidia driver.
  11. Still learning the ropes with Linux after a couple of weeks. Decided to do a fresh install last week as compiled so many different libaries and ran so many updates wanted to start from fresh. Install Mandriva 2005 Loads up fine. Installed the NVIDIA drivers (same ones as before 7157?) Tells me that the install went ok Edit the the /etc/X111/XForgconfig file (not sure of the exact name as away from PC) Restart the PC - Problems begins It now loads straight in to a shell prompt, which I have to login in to and type startx This is not a problem, but when I go to logout now it dosnt give me the option to shut the PC down, I have checked the setup in the Auto login and it is set to load up KDE straight away. What have I done wrong (this time) Apart from that Linux kicks ass
  12. Dont worry its not XBOX related this time :D I connect to the net via a router and I want to know, how I can set mandrake to auto connect on eth0. In configure network options, I have selected auto connect at stat up but each time I logon it dosnt connect and I have to manually connect as root.
  13. Lots of people have had problems with thacs RPMS, oh well will keep trying
  14. Hi there looking for some help. Downloaded Konstruct to my home folder, and did the following: cd /home/name/konstruct/meta/kde make install This took 12 hours?? (Is this normal) any way I now have 2 folders /home/name/kde3.4 = 650MB /home/name/konstruct = 1.9GB But Im not sure what I have to do next I have typed the bash command in to shell but still no joy can anyone lend some advice [moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman]
  15. Just to let you know that I have this working now, by entering this line in to IPTABLES iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING 1 -o ppp0 -j MASQUERADE so thanks streeter. After doing this my flatmate came home with a router under his arm, :( which has also solved all my problems.
  16. ADSL MODEM --------->PC----(NIC)-----Straight through cable (via hub)------>XBOX or Due to cable lengths I can have ADSL MODEM --------->PC----(NIC)-----Cross over cable------>XBOX It dosnt matter which setup I choose I still get that error message I think I need to open some ports does any one know how to do this, dont really want to start buying new hardware,
  17. ??? Cheers for your reply, I can get the xbox to register its IP with the PC, its the next stage, flow of data to and from the XBOX. I need to open up some ports and set the MTU on eth0 But this is all guess work, I was hoping that some one else out there uses XBL and connects to the PC via ICS
  18. Here goes ppp0 PC -------->Speed Touch 330 Modem ----->ADSL Line eth0 ------->Straight through cable into standard hub xbox------->Straight through cable into hub
  19. Hello all, this is my first post so go easy on me. I made the switch from Windows to Linux, yeah for me for being a geek, I've managed to get everything working so far that I need (nvidia drivers, adsl, divx and mp3 player) the last thing I am trying to set up is internet conenction sharing with my xbox. I have given the eth0 a static IP set the gateway on Xbox to this IP set port forwarding in the Itables file. To cut it short my xbox can get an IP see the DHCP the DNS but still fails to connect, it does mention setting the MTU to 1365 which think I have done, the only other thing I can think of is opening up some ports that XBL needs. Has any one else had any expierence with this?
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