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  1. Thanks for ya help,,,,,i'll be a linux MASTER soon at this rate (!!!!!)
  2. OO OOO i did it!! But it was more of a happy accident really!! I right clicked on the file and extract here, it said file is read only, then another box appeared with a different looking 'firefox installer' icon i clicked on that and away it went......................................??? So next question.......how do i get a desk top icon?? Thanks for your time guys.
  3. Found this topic, and it kinda relates to my next question, and might help leebrendalee..... I've got firefox linux on a cd, so i copied it to a file on my hard drive, location being file:/home/andy/tmp So simple i think really how do i install it? I have an icon with 'firefox-1.0.4.installer.tar.gz' written underneath. (god i'm so used to windows....it's a pain in the arse!!) When i click on that i get a blue folder which is called 'firefox installer' When i click on that there's various files: config.ini firefox installer firefox installer-bin header.png install.ini license.txt watermark.png The only one from the list above that gives anything like a reaction i expected is the installer-bin file, which says the file TAR:/HOME/ANDY/TMP/FIREFOX-1.0.4.INSTALLER.TAR.GZ/FIREFOX-INSTALLER/FIREEFOX-INSTALLER-BIN is an executable program. For safety it will not be started. and one folder called xpi. Most of the files ask me if i want to open them with 'KWrite' Simple question......i think. Again i apologise for my windows orientated approach!! Ta!
  4. Thanks guys.......every day's a school day!!!
  5. Yo!! Me again!! So i've installed Mandrake on a seperate machine now, it's running away nicely at the other side of the room. Still messing and trying to get my head around it!! when i right click on the desktop and create new device hard disk, the dialogue box says i've only got a 5Gb HDD, when infact i've got a 28Gb. So i think i may not have installed correctly so as to use all the hard drive. As the title suggests is there a command you can run in Konsole to see how much hard drive i've used? The, is there a way of using the rest of it for Mandrake if i haven't done so already without reinstalling? Cheers guys.....please be patient with me!!
  6. Right............. Thought i'd have a go at that command you gave me.....................mmmmm. So i'm doing something wrong. I tried using the shell console (whatever that is!!) and it said bash: mplayer: command not found I got the same kind of response when using the 'run command option from the menu!! Dum de dum!!
  7. Thanks for the reply Adamw............. Right here's the thing... i cant remember which app i was trying to use, one of the standard ones under 'multimedia' in the menu!! Haven't been on Mandarke since last night!! So you give a suggestion of mplayer cdda//: where do i type this in? (i told you i was a total newb!!) I downloaded some drivers for the delta card last night onto a cd..........i'll need help doing that soon to!! One step at a time though...... Cheers Guys
  8. Hello again More questions................. I have an MAudio Delta 66 sound card which i'm already using in my windows partition. I installed Mandrake, and it's not in the hardware list, although my Yamaha SW1000XG is. The strange thing is, i've made no attempt to install drivers for it, but Mandrake plays all the system sounds, like the ones you get with error messages (been getting alot of those!!) and when it starts and shuts down..strange. But when i try and play an audio cd (which tbh i'm still not sure if i'm doing correctly...that s how much of a newb i am!!) it doesn't play!!! Any suggestions? Remember i'm a total newb, who's only ever used windows!! I'm not used to typing in code to get stuff workin!!!!!!!
  9. Cheers for the reply!! I tried that, then it asks you to manually install a driver and gives you this huge list of stuff......which one? do itry them all?!!
  10. Hello chaps............. Right straight to the point. I'm a windows user hoping to migrate to 'Mandriva'. I', fairly compatent with that other OS, but an absolute newbie when it comes to Mandrake, when i say absolute i mean it!! I dont understand the file storage structure of it all yet, but thats cos i haven't asked or tried. So i would love to get using the net with Mandrake, so i dont have to keep booting into windows to come here to get advice, then logging off, then logging onto 10.1 then trying etc etc etc etc etc. I'm presently running NTL broadband 3Mbs with one of their 3510000 USB modems. I have an Intel Pro 100/s desktop adaptor which i'm not using, cos ntl drivers wont work etc, so i'm usin the USB ports. So the simple question is, can i get on the net? I did try setting up a new connection, but i kinda get confused. I'm on cable, so i choose that option, then it asks me to install a driver and gives me this huge list of what i can only assume are 'preinstalled' devices? None of these match my modem, so i just jumped in feet first and installed anything that said USB, ( i know it's a bit of a crap method!!) I kinda got connected, but at an EXTREMELY slow speed, as in, slower than 28K dial up!! I must be connected, cos i also managed to chat to a mate using the messenger service!! So any advice is well appreciated!!
  11. Thanks for reply!! Cool!! Yeah i kinda thought that i had too many questions there!! I'm not afraid of just diving in, but just dont want to bugger it all up and have to reinstall!! I mean i think it was pure luck that i got it installed ok!! Right then ....off to the other forums to ask loads of questions!~!
  12. Hello friendly Linux bods! :D Well after some consideration i decided to have a crack at this ere Linux thing, so a copy of Mandrake 10.1 later and i'm on my way..................well...ish...well not really at all. I'm a windows user, for now anyway. So here's the crack...... Get Mandrake, install on seperate HDD, now have dual boot system. Mandrake appears to boot up fine, various 'windows' open as they should etc, but here's the thing i know absolutely nothing about Mandrake. I feel like a two year old. So i jump right in and try and install my NTL 351000 USB modem for a first.......................................HA!! I 'm really just pratting about untill i can get some serious advice. I arse around with some settings and eventually get on the net, but at a speed which really doesn't seem right for my 3Mbs, more like downloading page at 27bs!! I managed to talk to one of my mates using the instant messenger (he's on MSN) but the internet was a no go really, although technically it was connected. So i comes to thinking, i suppose i best try and get my head round this OS a bit more before i carry on, i mean i tried to install Firefox and i couldn't even do that!! So the crack is i'm an UTTER NOVICE. I want to learn though, and i'd LOVE to get to the point where i can not use XP at all. From what i've already read it seems a long and winding road, but i'm prepared for it. I have a head full of questions, like how come Mandrake plays back audio with error messages etc through my Delta 66 card, even though i've not even tried to install a driver, yet i cant get a cd to play? As you can see i really am a novice....................a novice who probably has still got his silly windows head on. I just would like to start right at the bottom, like what is the basic operating principles of Mandrake, how to install software all the really basic stuff. for any advice!! [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman - welcome to the board :)]
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