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  1. its usb microsoft intellipoint 4.0 installed as a 3 button with wheel usb device mandrake 10.1
  2. What can i use for linux instead of DC++ ? Mandrake 10.1
  3. I have two hard drives with two partitions each. I have found both on the second one but i cant find the second partition on the primary. all i can find is /home. mandrake 10.1
  4. When i start mandrake controll center my mouse stops working and it takes about five minutes to start up the app. I have to reboot to get the mouse working again. Help.
  5. When booting upp in the verboose mode it says "Bringing up interface eth1 [FAILED]" what can i do to fix that? And when logging off i get "control timeout on ep0in" about six times. can that be fixed?
  6. I have a second hard drive with two partitions on. I have XP installed on one of the partitions. I want to format the partition andf the remove it. How do i do that. Mandrake 10.1
  7. I have a problem. I have just installed mandrake 10.1 on a new harddrive. i have an old harddrive witch i have XP on and i would like to enter it to retreive my files and delete xp but i cant find my way in the explorer. Help!
  8. I have just installed mandrake 10.1 and i have a few problems. one. when i start the administrations tool it takes about five minutes for it to start, sometimes it crashes. if it starts then what ever i want to do also takes forever, and i mean times like 10minutes per step. two. when i start the admin window my mouse stops working. intellimouse 4.0(wheel)
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