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  1. can you give me more detials about your theme? i like it a lot. there is mine :
  2. i have already urpmied from easy urpmi but it doesn't work as you can see.
  3. well, i have problems installing gdesklets. firstly, it told me that gnome-python-gconf and gnome-python-gnomevfs are needed, then i downloaded them from rpmfind. later, when i tried to install these packages it gave me the following error : so i went to google and searched for python-base 2.4 but didn't find anything. what do i do now? :o
  4. i have seen many linux screen shot that their bottom panel has some nice look, such as the following screen shot : http://www.penguin.org.il/albums/screenshots/ilan2.jpg. as you can see it also runs under gnome and my question is how i can do that?
  5. well, before i do anything. i would like to know what do gtk, gdm and metacity mean. in addition, how can i know if i have these things installed on my mdk os. by the way, it was my bad that i didn't pay enough attention to these forum pined topics. however, i will assure you that next time it won't happen.
  6. hi, i am bored with the theme i have used, since i installed mdk on my box. therefore, i will be thankful, if you give me links to websites, where i can see and download cool themes for my mdk. in addition, i don't know exactly how i install them, thus, i will be happy for some tutorials. notice to the fact that i searched for themes through google but i only found gnome-look as a good match. i also ran a search for how to install theme but didn't get good results.
  7. yesterday, i was on my xp and checked if either abc or azureus worked fine on it. fortunately, everything ran just fine. ok, now i understand that i have to do the port forwarding thing. however, i don't have any idea how the hell it is done. i will be thankful if you give me instructions on how to do that exactly.
  8. hey! thank you, dear friend but can you tell me what this command actually does and what i write instead of the "current address"?
  9. actually, yes - i also have windows xp but i haven't downloaded or tried it on it, but i once ran there ABC (a bittorrent client) and it went well. then, what do you think the problem is, doc'? B) :D
  10. woow, that's one big thing to do! can you tell me how i do it? i am really newbie when it comes to linux. thank you for your help. :D
  11. yes, i have a router and my firewall is disabled. nevertheless, it still gives me the same old error - nat error. do you have another ideas what the problem is? if you need more details, tell me and i'll do my best in order to show you them.
  12. hmmm, yeah. the problem is that i am a student and don't have time to work (yep, i am a slob). never mind, i will wait to the right time, so i'll be able to download it.
  13. hi there guys, how do you do? well, i got a problem over here. i am using mdk 10 official (gnome 2.4) and today i have downloaded azureus, which is a bittorrent client (right?). anyway, i finished its and java installations and when i ran it in the first time, i had to configure some stuff. ok, during this configuration i had to test the bittorrent port, since the default port(6881) was recommended, i tested it. unfortunately, the result was nat error. does anybody know what the hell it means? how do i fix it? and what did i do wrong?
  14. hi guys, how're you doing? i am new here. i have downloaded a few days ago mdk 10 official. however, i have heard that mdk 10.1 official is now available. unfortunately, i don't know where i can download it. in addition, i don't have time to download 3 iso files again. what leaves me with the question, where can i update my mdk to mdk 10.1 easier and faster? moreover, i got here the mdk cumminity 10.1 version (only the 1st cd), may it help me update it?
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