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  1. below are the MD5checksum of mandrake10 iso that I cut and paste it here from mandrake download page - http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/ftp.php3

    - if u match these with ur just downloaded iso's, it should be good


    ad3d50fe12c0672a7e4d32b466ab6851 Mandrakelinux10.0-Official-Download-CD1.i586.iso

    a64fbcb98d6aa2cd4ac287e563593678 Mandrakelinux10.0-Official-Download-CD2.i586.iso

    bf7a7dad80cf3f41453d572d3ffed09b Mandrakelinux10.0-Official-Download-CD3.i586.iso

  2. hi,

    i tried the easyurpmi for contrib to add media ,the downloading process just run for about 5 min and this is

    the result:


    i don't know what is done and what to be done now?



    hi, just want to say something, though I'm new here also, i've done what u did already, meaning, u've just added additional medium or source of RPM that u wish to install... try as root at the commandline.. type drakrpm-edit-media and you will see that there's already additional medium besides u'r disk1-2-3... so, if u wish to install additional rpm packages, and its not available with U'r CD's, and its available via contrib, u may able to install that package u wish to install.



  3. Actually, it's not that its irritating, it's bcoz, when I left my computer with 'd desktop locked, some of my officemate will try to hit this button, and as I've said, my pc is not that strong to handle multiple desktop session........ it's a good feature like that of XP but I dont need it right now, any ideas?

  4. hello to all, does anyone here has a driver for canon lbp800 for mandrake 10 or anyone here knows how to create a driver for this printer to work on linux... ? cups does not support it yet...


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