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  1. this page may help you: http://centerclick.org/aircard555/ the PPP configuration stuff will be different on Mandrake, but the instructions over there will help...this isn't going to be easy, though! sorry :)
  2. oh, for a nicer-looking media player, try beep-media-player (which is pretty much a GTK 2 port of xmms, so it'll look exactly like xmms but with nice gtk2 fonts and widgets), or maybe something like totem.
  3. well, the font *ought* to look that ugly, as that's a GTK 1.2 app, and GTK 1.2 apps don't support anti-aliased fonts. You're probably using the GIMP 1.2 as well, that's the GTK 1.2 version, if you want nice fonts (and nicer everything else), switch to 2.0, which you should find either in main or contrib depending on the MDK version you're using. If you're on quite an old version you may find GIMP 1.3 in contrib (1.3 was the development series for 2.0).
  4. adamw

    Doom 3 is scary!

    you'd better buy a new graphics card while you're waiting, too...
  5. rpms that say they're for cooker are FOR COOKER. please do NOT go around advising newbies to install them on stable versions. It only causes grief. If they can't build from source or find RPMs for their version, HELP THEM TO DO THOSE THINGS. Do not use cooker RPMs as a quick fix.
  6. building from source is in fact usually preferable to installing cooker rpms on stable systems. just don't do it. it's not supported intended or recommended. if you absolutely must use a cooker package on a stable release, at *least* grab the SRPM and recompile it.
  7. btw, i'd be careful with that drive - 7200rpm drives can be too hot for some laptops. many 2.5" 7200rpm drives are more intended for blade server usage and don't take too much account of laptop heat requirements, so keep an eye on the temperature :)
  8. pfah, 12" small? I have a Sony C1XD (UK version of the C1XS - see http://www.cowboyneal.org/vaio/ ) and I'm just about to spring for a Flybook - see http://www.dialogue.com.tw/english/products/flybook.htm . 8.9" with built-in wifi, GPRS and bluetooth...now that's a real portable ;)
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