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  1. toosh

    Incorrect HD size

    I tried to use a utility from Maxtor but it wouldn't boot up with the disk I made so I did't bother. I ended up being able to delete the partition table and the partition and then repartition the drive with parted. This time however the new partition took and the file system did span the entire drive (yay). I did back up the contents of the drive to another drive on the machine and across my lan to my windows box, all in all about 26 GB. So I retained all my data, just have the hassle of moving it back. I had Parted do a check on the drive but it came back clean. Oh well....
  2. Ok, I goofed. In grip I should've had after -V 0 two other args for lame, they being %w and %m. %w being the wav file to encode and %m being the mp3 to encode to. I had assumed these were added to the list of args we specified and that we were only specifying the args related to the encoding process that we wanted. I had over looked this in the grip help pages and some one helped me track this down on another group. Thanks.. Problem Solved
  3. from the cmmand line with lame and in grip I've used a simple config:-h -V 0 from the cmd line it works just dandy but from grip it doesn't. I've also installed lame from scratch, not from a mdk rpms..
  4. I've seen that as a soltion but I like to you encode in mp3 since I have a Rio500 and a car stereo that plays mp3 files.....
  5. I'm running Mandrake 10.0 and have all the proper support software installed to use grip to rip Cd's and then encode them to mp3s. Now grip has no problem ripping the Cd's, but it won't encode a proper mp3 file. I've used lame at the command line with the exact same values that are listed in the .grip file and it does a perfect job encoding, so why won't it work through grip? I've checked a bunch of similar posts on this group and others and have yet to find an answer. the only output I get from the encoding step in grip are mp3 files properly labeled but only 128k in size....
  6. toosh

    Incorrect HD size

    ok, I was able to back up my data across the other HD in my mandrake box and my XP box in the netwrok. I did this in hopes of being able to either resize the partition and get some response, or just to remake the partition. So, resizin with Parted failed , gave my a message that Parted couldn't resize because the partition had an "unusual layout". So I instead decided it was time for brute force, I supposedly deleted the partition then made a new one, how ever, the supposedly new partition had all the same data in it, which I though was strange since I was prety darn sure I deleted the partition.... What is going on?
  7. Just a follow up to my problem, As I said earlier I did get Madrake to install. I think the problem was mostly my CD/DVD ROM drive. After my installation as I was trying to install other pacakegs using urpmi I was getting errors saying it could read the files correctly. I ended up switcing my Burner and DVD drive so my burner was the master, this seam to solve a lot of problems. So I'm willing to lay my installation woes on MY DVD drive as being the culprit, I dunno if it's caude it's old or what. Also, just make sure when you run into this problem you keep your burn speeds down when burning the installation discs, I have a feeling my earlier problem with my burner was due to that issue.
  8. toosh

    Incorrect HD size

    Well, I had first noticed the problem when I reached the upper bound for the file systems MB limit. my ripping application wouldn't allow me to ripp, and I couldn't move files onto the drive.. so based on my initial experience I don't think I have this option to just keep pooring in data to the drive in hopes that the register size will increase with volume.
  9. toosh

    Incorrect HD size

    both report the full amount... check my edit to the original post...
  10. I have just installed Mandrake 10.0, moved from SUSE 9.0, and have a continueing issue. I have Maxtor hard drive that is roughly 60GB installed and mounted as /dev/hdb1 -> one partition that spans the entire drive. The problem is that when using any sort of file browsing and for file storage pueposes the OS is only giving me about half of the drive and for all purpose the outher 30Gigs just aren't there. Now I've used any utility I can get my handds onto to investigate this drive, the latest was Parted, and all show a the full drive with the single partition spanning the entire hard drive. So I am at a loss as to how I can use the other 30gigs... Any suggestions would be nice. I've recently done a BIOS upgrade to cover that end and made sure the jumpers on the drive didn't set is at a limited usage volume. Thanks for any help you can provide. Ok, little update. when I tried to use check in Parted, I got a warning saying the partition was 60 gigs but the file system was only 29 gigs. how'd this happen and is there a way to fix it with out loosing the data on the drive?
  11. I dunno... it's a partitions that I've had for a few years now... I can't remember what utility... I thik it was what ever came with Mandrake 9.0.. Using the madrake control center it shows the drive mounted with the partition spanning the whole drive...
  12. But I'm having the same problem with this new Mandrake install....
  13. The DVD drive is the master and the HP Burner is the slave on the sacondary IDE channel. Anyway, I have one last concern that carries over from my SUSE system. I have a 60GB Maxtor drive in the machine but now, and under SUSE 9.0, the operating system only shows about 28GB. every hardware listing and recognition process sees thia as a 60GB. Any ideas? I use this drive to stockpile and music/videos/whatever I want to keep long term so it is important I can use the whole drive cause I have tons of CDs I need to rip. I figure you might have some insight since we use almost the same Motherboards. Thanks
  14. Ok, apperently my last post embarrased my machine because about an hour after It started installing with no problem... There was two things that went differently: I retried the same procedure with my low burn speed CD1, got a fraction further which gave me hope. I then rebooted the machine with my CD1 in the burner drive... and voi'la, it installed with out a hitch.. infact I was able to set my vid card at my high desktop resolution I like and no prolembo... a first for any linux install. the first CD drive is a Toshiba DVD drvie... the Burner is an HP 8100 plus burner... I had already tried the install with this drive with the same earlier results. My guess is that I had a faster burned CD I used in the drive that didn't work, but it still doesn't explain why the behavoir in the Toshiba drive suddenly changed. My guess would be that either A this is a really picky installer... or the media I'm using ain't so hot and I got lucky that my burner drive could handle it. If the media is the case, then how come this doesn't affect other types of data I burn on these things? I have a MP3 CD player in my car that has never had any problems with this media... Thanks for the help and let me know what you think was going on....
  15. I've done my burns at 4x speed, lowest I can go... I'm using Memorex Cd-Rs... I've had no problems looking at the CDs through file viewers and can browse the boot dirs and RPMS dirs...
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