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  1. You really have a thing about WineX don't you DOlson?! I have stopped dm from running at boot - although it was stopped when I found it in the services list in DrakConf.
  2. I've kind of settled on a theme for now, but it would still be useful to try to fix this problem as I still od occasionaly want to work in console only mode
  3. Do you mean when it crashes, or to exit fluxbox? If it's crashed then it's not good, if it hasn't then it does :?
  4. I use wmShutdown to shutdown or reboot. I'm leaving fluxbox for various reasons - most recently because I was playing with different themes and needed to restart fluxbox without all my slit apps being duplicated
  5. I use Xtart to start fluxbox, although using startx leaves me with similar problems. I did look at the processes but could not spot anything obvious - although,in fairness, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for! I also looked in .xsession-errors, and again I can't see anythnig immediately obvious. I tried KDE to see what happens and there is no problem, so this is clearly a flux problem. Once I have lost X I can do nothing with any input device - so no keyboard combinations work at all.
  6. I am running fluxbox on Mandrake 9.0. Whenever I exit fluxbox (and therefore X) my entire system becomes completely unresponsive. The Caps and Scroll lock lights flash and nothing else responds at all - except the on/off switch. Any ideas as to what might cause this?
  7. I use Crossover office and it pretty much works fine. If the memory load becomes too high, then it can get a little unstable, but not a disaster. I find that MS compatablility in OpenOffice is not good enough and also, I simply find OpenOffice far too slow to start up and run. I would rathe not have to use any micrsoft products, but for the moment I will continue to use office as there is simply no better alternative
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