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  1. Hi Ian, I don't know what section I am meant to be in. I give up I now have robotic sound and when trying to do the echo test call its now worse. Thanks for your help though. perhaps its because im on wireless and the connection is sometimes bad???
  2. Thank you for coming back to me, all I know is my computer is an Advent that someone gave me!! the mic and headset are all one so do i turn the volume down on that? or do I actually have to go into skype? sorry I must sound really thick and stupid but I just have no idea.
  3. hello, the volume is set at medium, i can control the volume on the headset but my mum said it makes no difference, do you think it could be the sound card as someone suggested, i'm clueless at computer stuff so really don't know what to do.
  4. Hello, I bought a new headset as used to have a mic and thought that was the problem but it's still the same
  5. Hello there, I am completely new to this and not quite sure how to use it, my teacher sent me your link as we are trying to interact with skype but I continually have an echo. I have tried all the skype settings which say everything is working fine, I am on a wirless router but have not had problems before,can anyone help me in a very basic form please as I really dont understand computers that well!!! someone said it may be my sound card? HELP it is so annoying especially as I am in Cyprus and I try to call my mother in the UK and we can never have a proper conversation. many thanks . Pampered [moved from Forum Discussion by Greg2]
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